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Welcome to the Bureau! You are landing on the archive of me, Biyi Wen. The word "bureau" refer to the homo economicus' working desk, where I work atomically or collaboratively within collectives. It's also reminiscent of the Memex machine, a speculative archival device. This site is designed following one simple logic: auto-index files in each project folder. This function is provided by the Nginx server's FancyIndex module. Manual can be found at the bottom of the page.

I am a practitioner and researcher in the fields of media archaeology, DIY hacktivism, alternative networks and infrastructures. A native of Pearl River Delta in southern China, I am particularly interested in situating these topics of research in context of the country's rising urbanism and technological transformation. My work and research often take form in participatory and distributive formats such hyper-publications, tutorials, user manuals, zines, and workshops. My work has been presented at Het Nieuwe Instituut(Rotterdam), Varia Centre for Everyday Technology(Rotterdam), WORM Zine Camp(Rotterdam), Our Networks Conference(Toronto), and Internet Yamaichi Market(Utrecht). I am a frequent participant and workshop organizer at events such as Relearn, and Hackers and Designers Summer School.

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